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10 Stress Reducing Tips for the Holidays

The holidays can be a crazy time of family getting together, money stress, money stress, shopping for everyone, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, money stress, trying to be everywhere at ones, did we mention money stress yet, and trying to balance your time!

Let’s make this year’s holiday MONTH about enjoyment & reducing the stress in your life.

It can be done!

1. Don’t abandon your healthy habits~ When life becomes difficult, we typically let go of our self care first. Remember; when you feel good, we can see things better.

2. Take time for you~ If you need a break, take one. The more we push ourselves the harder it can be to recover. Taking a 30 minute walk, or going to a movie, can change our view drastically.

3. Stick to a budget~ Just because it’s the holidays, does not mean you have to spend beyond your budget. Set goals with family members or spouses, ($50 limits and it must be hand made, etc), breaking the bank, isn’t worth breaking you.

4. Learn to say no~ Let people know you are setting new traditions and that you are able to do other things, but can’t do them all. Telling a person no is a form of setting clear boundaries and improving self care. Saying no does not make you bad.

5. Find joy in the small things~ Create new family traditions by making decorations, having evening story time, writing stories of your favorite holiday memories with your family, etc. Create things that make you happy

6. Set aside differences~ Nearly all families have their challenges. Find a safe partner to support you through the holidays, and set aside ill feelings toward others until a later date.

7. Reduce the need to fill it up~ A lot of families feel the need to fill up the space under the tree, in this case, plan to buy a smaller tree. Make a plan for realistic holidays and feel more comfortable in sizing down.

8. Acknowledge your feelings~ Recognizing what you are feeling will allow you to own your personal space and embrace your imperfections. No one expects you to be perfect, so love yourself in your feelings, no matter what they are.

9. Be realistic~ Talk with your family members about what you are able to do and plan for it. There is no harm in being you. Embrace it and all will be as it should.

10. Reach Out~ When you need support; don’t be afraid to ask for it. Talk with friends, family, or professionals if you need support. There is no shame in being supported.


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