Elisha Gilb Denver_Counseling_OptionsElisha Gilb, MA

It is my belief that life is a series of cycles that bring us to occasions to create new points of understanding and present opportunities for growth. Some of my most tremendous growth opportunities have come from the good fortunate I have had to study and practice psychotherapy.

I hold a Masters of Arts in Community Counseling from Regis University in Denver and am a doctoral candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Due to my education and experience, I work therapeutically with a purposeful, unique mind-body-spirit approach to counseling and healing. My approach stems from a depth perspective focusing on the unconscious, dream work and images, though I utilize a variety of techniques from other orientations including the multisystem approach, existential, gestalt, and solution focused therapies.

I feel that the most powerful and valuable teachers and healers we have exist within our very own being. These being whispers to us and day and night, guiding us, loving us, directing us home, and showing us the way back to that home within our self.

Much of our work together will focus on realizing this inner strength, awakening ones own capacity to heal from within and to promote and live the mission of Denver Counseling Options, which is to inspire empowerment. Live empowered!

In my personal life, I am a passionate traveler and lover of new experiences. I enjoy meeting new people, exploring different cultures and being attuned to the wonders of the lived experience.