Lori Jackson, MA, LPC

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I am both honored and proud to hold a degree in Counseling Psychology from Regis University. I addition I have two certificates, one in Child and Adolescent Therapy, and a second in Marriage and Family Therapy, both from Regis as well. I have advanced training in infant mental health and trauma support as well through the Kempe Center in Denver. I spent six years traveling the country as a motivational speaker talking about my experience with trauma and how to overcome hardship.

I realized at the prime age of 19 that I had found a love for supporting professionals, individuals, families and children through the never ending hike called life. I have found a passion for helping people learn to be vulnerable and open while setting boundaries and taking care of themselves.

In my private life, I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors, creating art, painting, laughing with my family, dancing, seeing my children grow and learn, and creating amazing relationships with those close to me. I work hard to learn from mistakes, own my part in life, and set boundaries with those I love and don’t love, so as to practice what I preach in my work and be my best me (which sometimes isn’t A quality, but it’s what I’ve got in that moment). I honor personal growth and find so much respect in insight and accountability. This life has shown me a lot of lessons, a lot of pain, but more good and love than I could ever ask for.

And this … is me. <3


Life Transitions
Post-Partum Depression

Therapeutic Interventions:
Relational Therapy
Talk Therapy
Experiential Therapy
Play Therapy
Sand Tray Therapy
Parent-Child Psychotherapy (CPP)
Mother/Infant Therapy Group
Infant Develo