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Advice: Man to Man (on how to be more loving)

Just some simple ways to making sure she knows you value her and your relationship.

If you make a promise, keep it! Not standing by your word may lead to the trust you had breaking down and effecting you two negatively.

Don’t assume. If you are not 100 percent sure what she meant then ask her. If she is feeling down don’t assume it is something you did. Communication is important in this lesson and being upfront is going to prevent future problems.

Listen to what she says. Not just the words but pay attention to her body language; it can tell a lot more than what she is saying.

Don’t lie. Be a standup guy, if she can’t trust you then how strong is your relationship going to be?

Compromise. Let her know that her opinion and likes are important to you. If you two can come to a compromise then your relationship is headed in the right direction.

Do the little things. Do some dishes, laundry or surprise her with a gift. These are the things she will remember more than the big anniversaries or holidays.

Women are more in touch with their emotions than men so sharing yours with her can lead to a stronger healthier bond. Share your dreams, fears and vulnerabilities. This lets her know you trust her with who you really are.
Affection. It goes a long, long way. A surprise hug or just grabbing her hand without saying a word will let her know that you appreciate and care for her.

Be supportive. Anything she does or the new things she tries will be a lot easier if she knows you believe in her.
Romance. Keep it alive. You may not be the most romantic guy but in the end the effort is what she will notice.
Incorporate these things in your relationship and remember it will take time. But the end result will be a stronger relationship and a happier her which will eventually lead to a happier you.

We may think that our wives are satisfied with the relationship or we may know that we can improve in some areas. Most importantly is that you are aware of how your wife or significant other feels. It isn’t pleasant when we think things are going along fine until well, she tells you they aren’t. How will we know what our significant other is feeling if we don’t listen to them. It may not be verbalized so we need to pay attention to nonverbal cues like facial expressions, eye contact and touch and body movement.

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