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How Could Chiropractic Care Help You???

Wondering how chiropractic care might empower you to live the life you envision? Not sure exactly how it might fit into your current health regime? We sat down with Dr. Mario Chavez of Vita Nova Spinal Care to learn a bit more about the chiropractic care he provides daily to improve and enhance his patients’ health.

I have always heard that you go to a chiropractor to get “popped.” Is that what I should expect in your office?

No, in our office there’s no popping or cracking, no twisting of the neck. We do a very specific technique called NUCCA and QSM3 and that’s a very specific adjustment to the atlas bone, which is the top bone in the neck. The reason that’s so important is that all of the nerves in the brain have to pass down through that bone to get to the rest of the body, so by correcting it very gently and specifically, we can impact the entire neurological system, which allows the rest of the spine to start to align itself from the top down.

Why do you believe in chiropractic care?

In addition to the reasons I listed above, my wife had numerous different health concerns when we first got married, including digestive and pain issues. We’d gone to a lot of different doctors, but it wasn’t until we went to the chiropractor that we started seeing some solid results and changes, which is actually what drove me to become a chiropractor.

And then, after 5 years of being married and being infertile, the doctor discovered a fracture in my wife’s tailbone that was corrected. She subsequently had her first normal cycle in 12 years, and two months later, we conceived. I have also suffered from migraines for many years and chiropractic care has pretty much put those to rest. So, chiropractic care has had a very personal impact on my wife and me. I believe in it because the body is designed to heal from above down, inside out, and I believe in it because that’s how we’re created.

Why is owning a family practice so true to who you are?

I’d say it’s true to who I am because it’s a major value in my life; I’m definitely a family man. We believe in taking care of the entire family, especially in regards to health, which should begin with children and be cultivated, rather than waiting for an emergency to show up that we try to fix later on during an adult stage of life.

In our practice, we actually do something called family plans, where if two parents are under care, we take care of the kids on a complimentary basis. We do this because we believe in children’s healthcare; if parents see it’s important to take care of themselves, we don’t want cost to be an issue for them to also take care of their kids. Family is just a big part of who we are. The building block of society is the family, so if we can have healthy families, we can have a healthy society.

How would someone find you and seek your services?

The best way to contact us is through our website (www.vitanovaspinalcare.com) or to call us at 303.798.8672. You can talk to Jeannette about any other questions you may have.

On a more personal note, what is your favorite storybook to read with your family, and why?

My favorite storybook to read with my family is a group of stories called The Book of Virtues by William Bennett. Virtue is a very important part of building character and is what helps us to be happy. Aristotle said, “Virtue in action leads to happiness.” If we can teach our children the virtues in a very specific way, then we can have happier, healthier kids. Other than that, I like any Dr. Seuss book, especially Green Eggs and Ham.

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