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Emotional Eating

By Lori Jackson

It’s that moment when you think, “Ugh, I just want xyz and a blanket on the couch.” It’s those times when you stand in front of your refrigerator and question, “What am I doing here? Is the answer in my fridge?” It’s those times where you grab a snack at the store, gas station, or drive through and have to eat it before you get home and anyone “catches you.”


It’s in these moments that we feel the most shamed, judged, and embarrassed, yet there is no one there with us judging, shaming, or making fun of us. It is us, within ourselves, it is us in our loneliness, it is us struggling with emotional eating.


Emotional eating is a process where your body and your mind are in two different spheres, you are often unable to listen to your needs, and you believe that the comfort of food will fulfill them.  Without dieting, without hurting or cutting into ourselves, without withholding, we can learn skills and tools for ending emotional eating and living wholeheartedly and freely with food in our lives (and I mean any food we want).


Emotional eating is not just for the overweight, or those with eating disorders; many people turn to food in order to soothe their emotions. It becomes a problem when food is the primary comfort for that person. Listen to your heart, gut, mind, what-have-you. Are you struggling with emotional eating? If so, know that there are many ways to live a full life without turning to food for comfort.


Loving ourselves without punishment, affirming our own self worth, listening when we speak up, and knowing that we, too, are human, are just a few.  Let go of your hurt, embrace yourself, and please, please, stop being so mean to you; the world likes you in it.

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