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Food for Thought: How do you Feel?

So, how do you feel? Do you know? Do any of us know? Oh sure, I have a sore knee and a bit of a headache, but that is physical. Feeling good physically is no small feat. Physical health is very important and can do wonders for the mind and body. But when asked “How do you feel?” it is something deeper that you should be looking at. Have you stopped to check how you feel lately? It’s not that easy to know how we feel unless we get dirty and dive into our minds and emotions. It would be easy if we had meters or gauges that told us what we were feeling and let us know we were OK, but we don’t (although I am sure there is an app on the way for that if it hasn’t been invented yet).

A better question is, how do we know how we are feeling? If we are doing our normal routine and being productive in society, we must be doing OK then, right? Well, I guess we may have different opinions on this but I say “not really.”

Just because someone is functioning in life and seems to have it together doesn’t really mean they do. Work, family, friends and hobbies can be a distraction from realities we don’t want to face. People who stay so busy they never seem to have time for anything are running from something. Maybe from how they feel or maybe if they stop trying to achieve their goal, then they will become that something that they are trying to avoid becoming. Because if they stop working 80 hours a week and filling their time with everything and anything, they might have to face what they are trying to elude.

When was the last time you just were? No phone, no laptop, no TV, no radio and nobody but you. Is that even possible these days with our constant need for stimulation? I see people who watch TV or movies but also need to have their phone out too because a show is too slow. Actually having time for a social life these days can be rare. Being social is very beneficial to someone’s mental health, but submerging yourself with constant socializing like work can take you away from what it is you need to know and that is, how you are feeling.

I saw a man sitting by himself at a restaurant. This man was sitting there not watching one of the 24 TVs on the walls, not looking at emails or social updates on his phone. He was just being present with himself. This is how I learned to know what it is I am feeling, by being with me. Turning away from all the stimulation in this world and letting my emotions and body speak to me. Give it time and it will come out. Allow 15 to 30 minutes a day. It may not come right away, but soon you will have that stimulation by having your emotions, soul, heart or whatever you want feeding you updates on how you are doing. Meditation.

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