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Wondering How to Simplify Good Nutrition???

At Denver Counseling Options, we understand that life often gets in the way of good intentions to live and eat healthily.  Shopping, washing, chopping, and preparing adequate fresh fruits and vegetables can be a daunting task. This month, we sat down with Meg Smit with Juice Plus to learn about a solution to this challenge. Read on to learn about how a whole food supplement can help you meet your nutrition and health goals.
We are all about helping people feel informed and connected with their bodies. How does Juice Plus do this?
Juice Plus+ whole food products offer a wide range of health benefits.  When I began taking the whole food supplement capsules, I immediately noticed a higher level of immunity to the bugs my preschooler brings home, my hair became thicker (a postpartum issue for me), and my energy level increased.  These are typical results, and many people also experience improvements in fertility, decreases in blood pressure and cholesterol, and cardiovascular benefits.  But, don’t take my word for it! There are many gold standard research studies on various benefits of whole food supplementation which can be found here.
What is the difference between buying fresh fruits and veggies and using Juice Plus?
Juice Plus+ supplements (available in capsule or chewable form) are a blend of 28 pesticide/herbicide free fruits and vegetables and 2 gluten free grains specifically chosen for their health benefits.  At $2.38/day, consuming these blends is much more cost effective and time-saving than purchasing and juicing, chopping and/or cooking all 30 of the included organic varieties.  Lots of people want to understand why a whole food supplement is different than a vitamin.  I like to use a car as an analogy.  A vitamin contains select nutrients, which can be likened to having the steering wheel, backseat, and bumper.  All very useful, but won’t take you where you need to go.  However, whole food supplements are more bioavailable because they are food, which is like having the whole car:  our bodies know what to do with the thousands of phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables.  Our bodies do not recognize everything in vitamins and therefore expel it due to the lack of bioavailability, which is why we see a change in the color of our urine.  My husband is a pharmacist, and he likes to quote his favorite professor who used to say, “Vitamins are expensive urine.”  Not so with whole food supplements!
Tell us about you. How do you take care of yourself and own a business? 
In addition to taking Juice Plus+ capsules on a daily basis, I exercise 3-4 times per week while teaching Stroller Strides classes, drink water equal to half of my weight in ounces, and grow greens and veggies here at home in my Tower Gardens.  I chop and add these greens and veggies to a lot of family meals.  Because it’s hard to find time to cook with two children under 3, I mostly prepare make-ahead freezer and muffin pan meals.  I also try to get enough sleep, but that’s often a futile effort with a still-nursing 8-month old. 😉  Check back with me in 6 months on that one!
How would someone learn more about your work and the benefits of Juice Plus? 
My website has a lot of information, but I’d also love to answer questions personally, and can be reached at 407-748-1607 or juiceplustransforms@gmail.com.
Now, let us invade your personal side a moment. What is the wildest and most fun thing you’ve ever done, and why? 
I am a huge concert-goer; my most fun times prior to the epic enjoyment I get from my kiddos would definitely be traveling to see my favorite bands.  I’ve been to countless concerts and my absolute favorites have been the Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, Green Day and FooFighters.  I’m looking forward to seeing Flogging Molly in August at Red Rocks and can’t wait!!!


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