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Loving Me: A Manifesto

By Lori Jackson

Ladies, we have to talk. Heart to heart, woman to woman—what are we doing to ourselves?

I, for instance, tend to abuse my body when I am not feeling well or am hurting. I eat my way through any experience and the very first thing that goes when I am upset is my self-care. I laugh at my exercise routine when I feel depressed or sad. Yikes, what the heck!

We go on these crazy diets—soup diet, carb-free, paleo, blah blah blibbidy blah—depriving ourselves of food we love to…what? Lose those last couple pesky pounds that will inevitably return when we can’t handle the unreasonable diet restrictions anymore?

What if we supported each other, loved each other, complimented one another and spent time together instead of isolating? What if we took some time to nurture ourselves and told ourselves every day, “Hey, I love you!” Whoa.

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