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Thinking About Navigating the Mortgage Maze???

At Denver Counseling Options, we work with individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing life and all of its struggles and wild adventures. Springtime often typifies the wild experience of our ever growing housing market here in Colorado. We thought that this month we would help our readers by giving them some guidance from the experts themselves. Nick Stewart with Liberty Home Loans has demonstrated a gift for understanding the financial side of the industry and we trust his judgment. Take a peek at a few key questions and suggestions he has on the topic below.

How do I get started with the mortgage or refinancing process?

Very simply, call me on my cell phone. I usually spend about ten minutes on the phone with new clientsto ascertain what they are trying to accomplish with a purchase or refinance, and then outline several suggestions for different loan programs. These are low key conversations as opposed to formal interviews, which in my experience make clients uncomfortable. After our initial conversation, I meet my clients in person to establish a trust and comfort level between us all.

I know buying and refinancing homes can place an emotional hardship on families. How important is it to find the right lender for the process?

Every mortgage file is different; each has its strengths and weaknesses. My job is to find the right lender with whom I can successfully negotiate any obstacles. Since it is largely about getting the best lender pricing for each client, I try to match each client with a specific lender.

How could using Liberty Home Loans’ services now prevent emotional stress after a house is purchased or refinanced?

Great question! Basically, here’s how I think of it: my job is to take the stress OFF of the client. A good portion of my job involves solving issues that arise with virtually every loan in such a way that my client never knows there was an issue. I tell my clients, “I’ll keep you in the loop, but honestly, you’re paying ME to stress, not YOU.” The mortgage process boils down to calm communication between us and a disciplined approach on my part to make sure each file keeps moving toward its conclusion.

How would someone find you and seek your services?

The easiest way to get ahold of me is by calling my cell phone at 303.917.3162. You can also reach me via e-mail (nicks@libertyhomeloans.com) or check us out on our website (www.libertyhomeloans.com). A majority of my business is from repeat customers and referrals. My clients having a good experience is my number one goal.

On a more personal note, what is your favorite material object that you already own and why?

Another good question, and one that speaks to the heart of who I am. I love the outdoors, and especially the mountains. In the winter, my favorite activity is skiing, whereas in spring and summer, I love to golf. I also go fishing with friends in some of the state’s high altitude (and hard to get to) locations. In the fall, I head to the mountains to see the changing colors and try and spot whatever wildlife I can. So, I guess my favorite objects are the equipment I need for each of these activities: skis, golf clubs, fishing pole, and high power binoculars.The key for me is being outside and enjoying Colorado!

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