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How to have a simply amazing love life

How to have a simply amazing love life!

Is your relationship simply amazing? Are you getting butterflies when you think of your partner? If you could look up “perfect relationship” on the web, would you find a picture of the two of you?

Well, if so, GOOD FOR YOU! If not, welcome, to reality. Our relationships are hard, aren’t they! Boy, if I had a dollar for the number of times I complained about my relationship I could have bought that beach house on Maui.

The fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship; because what may seem perfect to you, may not to others, and or, your partner.


Hopefully we are constantly growing, changing, learning, and adjusting to this wild ride called life. And you, my friends, just like I, are on the rollercoaster. While on this ride, it can sure be challenging for our partners to know the same feelings, experiences and transitions we are going through because they are them, and you are YOU. So, we find, more often than not, that it is hard, it hurts, it’s unpredictable, and it’s really really really, did I say really? SCARY!


The thought of being raw, being vulnerable, letting down our guards, yikes… Imagine, just imagine what that would look like if we did THAT on a regular basis. So… we don’t. We settle. We “walk on eggshells”. We keep it in. We hide. We focus on the kids. We get busy. And then…. We look at the person whom we thought we loved and cared for and realize… I have no clue who the heck you are. And so it begins…


While relationships are hard and scary, they are ALSO beautiful, full, loving, exciting, adventurous, joy-filled, and FUN! Who wants that???? I know I do. So… I have to work at it. Every day, every night, every breath, and then….


The stars are shining, the lights are brighter, the air smells fresher, and the LUV is alive!


Welcome to the rollercoaster, take us on your ride, let us re-spark your relationship and get you exploding with joy!

photo credit: Bhumika.B via photopin cc

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