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To the Men: How to Keep the Love Alive

By Tony Jackson

Here are some thoughts on keeping the relationship strong, from a man, for a man.

Most important is to make time for both of you. Leave the kids at home, the thoughts of work out of it and reconnect with your better half as often as you can.

Another important aspect of relationships is to pay attention to the individual self. While you may take on many or all of your significant other’s personalities, hobbies or goals, remember to do what makes you happy. Do things you enjoy. Just because you are committed doesn’t mean you have to completely change who you are.

Always reassure her that you love her, even if you think it is obvious or that you feel the relationship is in a great place. Try telling her that you love her and not only doing so right before bed or before hanging up the phone. A random text message about your love for her or what you want to do to her or with her that night is a nice change. REASSURE HER!

Another big key to a relationship is admitting you’re wrong when you are. Say you are sorry when you should. When she is quiet and something is obviously wrong, don’t assume it is something you did or didn’t do. You know what happens when you assume things, right? Ask her what is wrong and if she says nothing, then just give her some space, and she’ll come around.

Lastly, don’t get comfortable. Surprise her. A flower here, dropping her off a lunch, taking a surprise day off. It doesn’t need to be diamond earrings, but the element of surprise goes a long way. Just seeing you or that you are thinking about her is the real gift.

Whether the relationship is in a good place at the moment or not, try to incorporate these things into your relationship, and it will pay off.

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