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Video: Lori Explains the Ripple Effects of Trauma

Everyone in experiences some form of hardship and trauma in life. Whether it be the loss of an animal, having an abusive experience, a car accident or what-have-you, in the human experience, we are all here suffering and surviving together.

Lori’s work is to support individuals in healing through their pain, making choices that follow the vision of who each person individually wants to be. Having a trauma background surely does not define Lori, nor is it a topic that is often broached in her therapeutic process, however it informs her work and allows her to gain a stronger level of empathy for all people collectively.

In this video, from her interview with Cheryl Preheim of Denver’s 9NEWS, Lori explains the ripple of effects of trauma and how, when one event occurs, the actual trauma that each person in that event faces can be completely different and have different ways of being treated, supported and healed. 

Lori works to help people understand that her experience is simply a story, and over the years has been able to gain awareness that everyone is looking for hope, that their story is able to heal too, and they are able to live a life they choose.

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