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Want to Discuss Life-Changing Books? Join ‘More Than a Book Club’

By Elisha Gilb

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Yes?! Many of us have, and it can be such an amazing experience. Indeed, this is part of the powerful experience of reading. However, have you ever been given the experience to process the life-changing book in a warm and friendly exchange that focuses on the psychological contribution and impact said book has on your life?

The group More Than a Book Club will do just that. This 12-week group therapy class will provide a place to process and share experiences of four profoundly life-changing books.

This group’s focus starts with a welcome and introduction to the books we will be exploring. This group is therapeutic in nature and is a place to process our own material sparked by the spiritual books. For example, we may ask ourselves, “How does reading this book impact me and my personal life?” “In what ways am I affected by reading this book?” “How do I relate this to my life and experiences?”

We will read “The Alchemist,” “The Celestine Prophecy,” “A New Earth,” and “You Can Heal Your Life.” Each week, we will review the books and discuss how this reading has impacted us.

In each reading, we will explore relevant themes in the books and apply and process these themes to our own lives. If you have never read these books or if this is a repeat reading there will be much to gain in discovering More Than a Book Club.

The group will meet Aug. 15-Oct. 31 and costs $30 per week. Meetings will be 10-11:30 a.m. Saturdays at Denver Counseling Options’ office, 7456 W. Fifth Ave., Suite 300, in Lakewood. Books are not included. Call us at 720-432-2813 today to reserve your space.


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