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Watch: Lori Talks About Long-Term Effects of Trauma

One of our therapists, Lori, talks about the long-term effects of trauma and how more often than not, when an adult hurts someone, that person was hurt as a child and made ongoing choices to compound that hurt into a greater pain.

Lori explains the beauty of working with people through difficult things, and how the joy is in watching people heal, find love, and grow from their experiences in life.

Lori helps to explain some of the long-term effects that individuals with trauma go through, such as carrying fear around for years and letting it make the choices in life as opposed being a strong independent individual who has chosen to live the life they do. 

In addition, Lori explains how trauma not only effects the individual who has been hurt, but oftentimes, those around him/her and how each person can experience his/her own trauma from one event. In turn, how does everyone heal, support each other and take care of themselves after going through hardship and trauma?

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