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Watch: Lori Talks About the Body’s Response to Pain

One of our therapists, Lori, describes the typical bodily response and cycle after experiencing any form of pain. Lori talks to the body’s need to fight or flight, and how this turns into an emotional reaction and how we then want to control things in order to manage the emotions that are so painful. Lori explains that fear runs this phenomena and it keeps us from trusting, from living in a place of love, and from healing. She speaks to the ability to love after hurt and how beautiful and authentic it feels.

Lori goes on to talk about a camp she has dreamt of opening for over 20 years. Lori’s goal is to create a safe place where children, families, individuals and couples can attend and get treatment and joy, and peace and care, which in her belief will allow them to heal, find love and be love. Keep your eye out for more information as Lori gets closer and closer to her goal. 

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