We offer a wide variety of services at Denver Counseling Options to best suite YOUR needs as you grow in your life! Whether you are looking for services for yourself, for your family, for your child, for someone you care about, or your significant other, we provide the resources to get you where YOU want to be. Let’s take the journey together.


Individual Counseling

Many people that seek out a therapist are high-functioning adults that just need a little help. Below are some of the common reasons clients decide to contact a therapist. Together we can evaluate your concerns and find solutions or healthy ways to work through them. 

Some of the reasons individuals could come to counseling:
• Self Improvement
• Personal Growth and Development
• Anxiety
• Stress Management
• Work Conflicts
• Prenatal and Postpartum
• Sexual Addictions
• Sexual Issues
• Divorce Recovery
• Life Transitions
• Relationships
• Grief and Loss

Prenatal/ Post-Partum

Women all over the world have babies all the time. Why would you need to see a therapist just because you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or have a new baby? Having a new baby is supposed to be a joyous time, yet some women experience feelings of sadness, overwhelming guilt, and anxiety. Research has shown that the first year postpartum has the highest rate of divorce than any other time during a marriage.

Common reasons for Prenatal/Post-Partum services:
• Anxiety
• Life transition
• Depression
• Psychosis
• Marital discord
• Illness/death
• Attachment with baby
• Colicky baby
• Sleep deprivation
• Feelings of being overwhelmed

Types of therapeutic intervention (varies based on individual needs)
• Mother- Infant therapy Group
• Mother-Infant Dyadic therapy
• Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)
• Play Therapy

Partners, Marriage, and Divorce

Most couples desire a satisfying marriage/partnership that lasts a lifetime. Yet couples marrying today have a 50% chance of getting divorced. Many couples that do not divorce wind up staying together but remain unhappy and unfulfilled for years. Further, second and third marriages are statistically more likely to end in divorce than first marriages.

Working with partners to explore the presenting issue and work together to reach a resolution is our common goal. Denver Counseling Options works with all types of couples including same sex. Some of the common issues seen in therapy are listed below.

Common reasons for Partner/Marriage counseling:
• Economic, spiritual, or medical problems
• Mental health
• Infidelity
• Stress management
• Life Transitions
• Integrating families together
• Divorce
• Separation
• Sexual issues
• Pre-marital
• Parenting Issues
• Post Partum Depression
• Intimacy issues
• Co-parenting
• Marital disconnect


Individuals in the GLBTQ community are often exposed to discrimination, mistreatment, and consequently struggle with a a whole host of issues.  Because of these realities, sexual minorities often need a safe place to talk with a professional about their personal challenges, pain, or confusion.

Common reasons for GLBTQ counseling:
• Death/loss
• Domestic violence
• Abuse or neglect
• Rape/sex assault
• Discrimination
• Sexual perpetrators
• Life threatening events
• Sleep disruption
• Substance abuse
• Life transitions
• Communication
• Coming out
• Sexuality confusion


Often individuals who have experienced trauma are in need of a place to voice their feelings and process their emotions around such. Trauma can manifest in many different ways and is experienced by individuals on multiple levels and may look different for everyone. Trauma can have a drastic affect on many aspects of individuals’ lives and families. Often without support and guidance a trauma will continue to impact ones’ life.

Common reasons for trauma therapy:
• Domestic Violence
• Abuse/Neglect
• Criminal Activity
• Rape/Sex assault
• Discrimination
• Sexual Perpetrators
• Life threatening events
• Death/loss
• Substance Abuse
• Homelessness


Children are often without the language to process their feelings, emotions and experiences. In child therapy they are given the tools to express themselves.

Common reasons for child counseling:
• Trauma
• Abuse
• Night terrors/ nightmares
• Sexual abuse
• Uncommon behaviors
• Anger outburst
• Inconsolable
• Attachment concerns
• Care giver separation/divorce
• Death/ loss of important person
• School issues
• Fighting/aggression
• Animal abuse
• Developmental delays
• Inability to speak
• Witness to violence
• Witness to crime
• Kidnapping
• Anxiety
• Depression


Often times we begin understand that there is a lot of emotion within us around our teenage years. We are too young to be adults yet too old to be children, and very rarely does anyone understand us. Adolescents can begin to struggle with a variety of things and having a safe place to discuss or work through some of these emotions may make the difference for a family.

Common reasons for adolescent therapy:
• Substance abuse
• Trouble with the law
• Difficulties in school
• Isolation
• Depression
• Peer struggles
• Death of someone important
• Relationship concerns
• Sexualized behaviors
• Anxiety
• Fighting/aggression
• Identity/role Confusion
• Family concerns
• Running away
• Lack of motivation
• Parental discord/divorce

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