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Most couples desire a satisfying marriage/partnership that lasts a lifetime. Yet couples marrying today have a 50% chance of getting divorced. Many couples that do not divorce wind up staying together but remain unhappy and unfulfilled for years. Further, second and third marriages are statistically more likely to end in divorce than first marriages.

Working with partners to explore the presenting issue and work together to reach a resolution is our common goal. Denver Counseling Options works with all types of couples including same sex. Some of the common issues seen in therapy are listed below.

Common reasons for Partner/Marriage counseling:
• Economic, spiritual, or medical problems
• Mental health
• Infidelity
• Stress management
• Life Transitions
• Integrating families together
• Divorce
• Separation
• Sexual issues
• Pre-marital
• Parenting Issues
• Post Partum Depression
• Intimacy issues
• Co-parenting
• Marital disconnect

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