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Why Workout at a Small Gym???

At Denver Counseling Options, we understand that being healthy means taking care of your mind and body. With the seemingly endless number of physical fitness options out there, we know it can be confusing to pick one that’s right for you. This month, we sat down with Delisa Novak, Owner and Personal Trainer at 212°Fitness to learn how her work can help you achieve your fitness goals.
We all know how important physical fitness is. What types of fitness programs do you offer?
We offer small group classes: Boot Camps, Kickboxing, Gentle Yoga, and SurfSET sessions. We also provide personal training.
What’s different about your gym than going to a large chain or a rec center?
We offer a very personalized approach to our clients to help them meet their goals. We sit down with each member to learn about their past fitness experience, health history, and health/fitness goals, and provide nutritional coaching based on their fitness goals. We get to know our members so we can work with them at their fitness level. For example, if we need to offer modifications for a client who has knee issues, we will do so. Sometimes we need to challenge our clients who have been with us for awhile in order to help them reach their goals. We communicate with our members so we know how to best motivate them and we will reach out to anyone we have not seen or heard from in a week or two. You will not get that from a big box gym.
How do you motivate people to get and stay involved in physical fitness?
My trainers do an excellent job of creating fun, beneficial workouts that are never the same. This helps to ward off burnout, helps our members to keep seeing results, and makes for a fun atmosphere. And, by communicating with any members I have not seen in a week or two, we can approach possible burnout before it goes on for too long. We have such an incredible community of supportive, motivating people who are always checking in on one another. Having your peers support and gently push you is a very powerful thing.
How would someone find you and seek your services?
Our website www.212degreefitness.com or Facebook are great ways to find us; we have a strong online presence. We can also be contacted via phone at 303-948-4586.
On a more personal note, if you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why? 
This is a tough one! Probably 7 years old because my grandma and grandpa were both still alive and my family and friends were together all the time. Such wonderful memories! My second choice would be my age now, 42. I finally have a career I love and feel very grounded. This is the most confident I have ever been in my life. It feels good!

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